i miss you !! :3
February 17, 2011, 8:17 pm
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Hey ppl,
Its been  soooooo long, not post something on my dear blog
And yeah, i miss my dear blog and of course, I MISS YA BLOGGERS :3
Anyway, hows life ?

Well, i have done my exam.
So now, im on holiday.
I have been spending my holiday at home.

Im super bored, so i just took some pictures to omit my boredom.

keep your hope
dont matter who YOU ARE !! :3

Just The Way YOU ARE !! :3


Sometimes we need ALCOHOL not for forget someone or something
But, we just need it to accompany us and our friends, when we have PARTY :3


NB : Sorry for my BAD GRAMMER, im just trying to improve my english =)



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hi yolanda….nice photograph…

Comment by anne

weee mabuk mabuk an a yol?

Comment by @helgaindra

Really nice photograph…

pake kamera apa?

Comment by nyiel idiot

yoyol lu jurusan apaan sih.
ok potonya bagus-bangus ~(-_-~)

Comment by [L]ain

really nice jeng!!
dari hal2 kecil d sekitar qta bisa d jadiin obyek yang menarik

good job

Comment by varistava

Wow, suka banget foto terakhir, foto Mix Max… :oops:
Nuansa birunya dapeeeet banget. :oops:

Comment by Asop

keren cos aku gak bisa foto kayak gini :mrgreen:
foto pertama pesannya dapet tapi sayang medianya “rokok”

Comment by grandchief

beneran hasil karyany mb olla ya?
ckckck… ajarin duunkk…. ~_~

Comment by avokadojuice

jepretan kmu bagus2 non =}

Comment by Sabda Karuniawan Oetomo

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